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Peacemakers Calm Down

To solve a problem it is very important for children to be calm.  One way to help students calm down is to have them:

1) Stop,

2) Say how they feel, and

3) Use a calming down strategy

Some calming down strategies are breathing, counting to 10, or using positive talk.  Positive talk might sound like, “I can solve this problem” or “Everything is going to be okay.”

Calming down and solving problems is not something students automatically know how to do.  We have to teach them and give them opportunity to practice often.

Behavior Expectations

As part of our Best Behavior initiatives we model, teach and reinforce the following:


  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be a Peacemaker



To reinforce these expectations we have monthly Behavior Assemblies.  Also, when students are caught being safe, respectful, responsible, and a peacemaker, they earn a "Blue Ticket."  Students use the blue ticket to enter a raffle.


Every week 2 students from each grade level are selected through a random raffle to join the leadership team in a "Caught Being Good" celebration.  These celebrations take place once per month.

Peacemakers Problem Solve

Peacemakers solve problems peaceably.  One way to solve problems is to use the STEP process:

  1. S- Say the problem without blame
  2. T- Think of solutions that are safe and respectful
  3. E- Explore consequences
  4. P – Pick the solution where everyone wins