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USC Family of Schools

Lenicia B. Weemes is proud to be one of the original 5 elementary schools that composed the USC Family of Schools!  As part of the USC Family of Schools Lenicia B. Weemes has a dynamic partnership with USC staff and students. 

Some of the programs brought to Lenicia B. Weemes as a result of our partnership with USC include:


  • USC Thornton Outreach/Thornton Jazz Outreach
  • Kid Watch
  • Trojan Kids Camp
  • Joint Education Project
  • USC Family of Schools In-School Facilitators
  • Readers Plus II Community Tutors
  • SMASH - Science 

We thank USC for their commitment to our community, and for their dedication to the Good Neighbors Campaign that raises over $1,000,000 annually for the continued funding of programs. Our learning community is truly fortunate to have this support!

Neighborhood Academic Initiative

USC's Neighborhood Academic Initiative (NAI) is a seven-year program designed to prepare students for admission to a college or university.

 Students who remain in the program in good standing from 6th grade until their high school graduation are eligible for a full-scholarship to USC, provided they meet admission requirements.

This program is only open to select elementary schools.  Fifth grade students at Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School are eligible apply.

Acceptance to the NAI program is competitive, so not all students who apply will be accepted.